Taking Your Presentation, and the Projector’s Utility, to a Whole New Level RRS feed

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  • If the Three Stooges were around in the age of PowerPoint, one can only imagine the result. But a small piece of hardware from NewSoft can allow any threesome of presenters to get through a meeting with nary an eye-gouge.

    The NewSoft WMS100 Image Wireless Projector Adaptor connects to any VGA-compatible projector. With the included software, called Presto, up to three computers can control a presentation and capture and display their own screens at any time.

    The device itself looks like a walkie-talkie with an antenna on one side and a VGA/XVGA connection. It is compatible with three Wi-Fi standards (802.11a, b and g), and the software even enables slides to be exchanged among participants, bypassing the screen entirely.

    The WMS100 works with Windows and Macintosh computers. NewSoft will soon offer the WMS200, delivering video as well as still images.

    Thursday, February 22, 2007 6:29 AM