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  • I have a purchased/registered copy of "Microsoft Streets and Trips 2013" installed on my computer under 'Windows 7 Professional'! The "est" file type is associated by 'Windows 7 Professional' to the "Microsoft Streets and Trips 2013" program.  There the 'Description' is "Microsoft Streets and Trips map".

    I have several folders of multiple routes using its capability to save individual files of traveled routes as  "from_here_to_there.est".

    The display of the folders of the saved routes thus shows the 'Type' of each file as  "Microsoft Streets and Trips map". Clicking on a file in the folder executes "Streets..."  so that I can review the travelled route.

    Here is the "Problem" -->

    I use a third-party program "Iolo System Mechanic" ("ISM") to do 'housekeeping', which includes compressing the "Register".  When this is done, all of the saved routes in the folders are changed to 'Type' of "Automap.Map.NA19", whatever that is!!!  Clicking on a file does NOT execute "Streets..."!!!!

    I presume that the "map" ending to the 'Description' is an indication that "ISM" will modify the register in the "Streets..." area to values relating to some other mapping system ("Automap"?), and change the 'Description' to "Automap.Map.NA19".

    Note!!! - Executing the "Streets..." program, resets the 'Type' all of the files in the folders back to "Microsoft Streets and Trips map".

    Also Note!!! - The "problem does NOT occur under 'Windows 7 Ultimate', where the "est" 'Description' is "EST File" for the association.

    Can Microsoft 'fix' "Streets..." so that 'Iolo Technologies' can NOT change the association??  Can Microsoft contact 'Iolo Technologies' to FIX this "Problem" ASAP ???

    Doesn't Microsoft "own" the "est" Type for its "Streets..." program???  Who/what is "Automap"???

    Can someone from Microsoft contact me, preferably by email ?? At this point, discontinuing "System Mechanic" is NOT an option.

    Thank you, 

         Terry Mueller

    Thursday, December 5, 2013 7:49 PM