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  • Hello everyone, I have done some quick R&D on this subject but the information was scattered across various threads and blogs.

    I would like to bring this discussion here and would be great that all the MVP's and Senior Dynamics Dev's and Consultants can participate. Eventually this thread will be helpful for so many start ups like us. Kindly participate:


    We are shipping out a managed solution for various clients with ver, we have set customization to True for everything.

    Many of our clients have little to moderate knowledge about Dynamics CRM but they have plans to modify the entities in our managed solution (for example adding fields, modify view, modify forms). On our end we will making periodic releases like once every 3 months, so next one will be out 3 months from now.

    What we really want to find out is what are the implications if they go about and make those custom changes and what will happen when we will ship out let's say managed solution ver We really want to advise our clients on what they should and should not be doing, we want to draw the line.

    I understand "Import with overwrite" should be good but i really want to bring this thread so you all experts can share your implementation experience from past and share the pain points.

    Will look forward to hear from you all.

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  • This is a very good question.  And yes, I think you are correct in your assumption that valuable information on this topic cannot be found in a single location.  Our organization is in a similar situation, and has been for some time, at least from the beta version of CRM 2011.  There are certainly a lot of scenarios that could be covered here.  I can get you started with a few suggestions:

    • We have had to use the 'override customizations' option in some upgrade scenarios in order to have our application continue to work.  The reason for this is that the customer has usually done something with their modifications that is not recommended.  Part of the blame for this sometimes lies with us for installing a solution that allows them to do it.  Bottom line is this is definitely a last-resort-only option.  Clients will certainly not wish to duplicate their modifications with each upgrade.
    • We have found that if you are modifying a form it is best to put all modifications in a separate section wherever possible.  This goes for our modifications to native CRM forms, as well as client modifications to our own custom entity forms.  The reason for this is that CRM seems to be able to handle merging multiple revisions better if the modifications are in separate sections and/or tabs.
    • If you have JavaScript that references form fields it is best to lock the fields on the form to prevent clients from removing fields and creating JavaScript errors.
    • Always recommend that your client make customizations in a non-production org, test them there, then deploy to production as part of a MANAGED solution.  While making unmanaged changes in CRM is simple, clients may have to live with mistakes, or lose data having to restore from Sql backups.  Managed solutions can be backed out more easily.
    • Never rename entity fields once they have been deployed.  Never change the data type of a field that has been deployed.  Changing the field label is fine.
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  • If client want to do modification, they should create their own managed solution on the top of base solution (that you will provide) in this way you can continue to enhance your solution if and when required and they can also update latest solution in their environment. 

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