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  • I have these 3 virus-spyware in my computer  -Favadd, Un-named Trojan, and Adclicker.  My question is why Windows Live OneCare have not taken them out  of my computer?


    Also what is the purpose of Windows Update, MS keep sending the updates with bad codes and F%%&&**k up my computer, the first one to freeze is Live Onecare, so far the only answer I have received from your India tech support is to uninstall the full version I paid for and install the demo. My question is: Did I pay $49.99 for a F=*&^%$#*k demo that does not work??

    Hope some one have an answer!!!




    Tuesday, April 1, 2008 1:33 AM


  • Yes, OneCare works. I don't know why OneCare missed the named infections, but then, how did you detect them? No antivirus solution is 100% effective at stopping or removing all infections.


    You've already been to support and apparently had a poor experience, but you should contact support once again to get help with removal *and* to address whatever you are referring to with Updates.

    If the tech recommended uninstalling and reinstalling OneCare, you will *always* be installing the trial mode until you activate with your subscription LiveID. It isn't a demo. You paid for a 12 month subscription. If it failed or broke, sometimes a reinstall is the best way to resolve the problem.


    So, go back to support and if you aren't getting serviced from the tech you are speaking with, ask for the problem to be escalated.



    Tuesday, April 1, 2008 1:43 AM