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  • Hi again,

    Doing some work on modifying SoftWifi, currently using 802.11b as a base (of course) but ideally my concepts should be able to be applied to a/g as well.

    Pair of questions:

    1) How do you specify bandwidth? I realize how to set the center frequency, but does the bandwidth consist of the limits of the RF front end? If so, then the 30mhz channels supplied by the RF front end are problematically bigger than the 20mhz channels that 802.11 uses. Ideally, I'd like to limit those channels down even more so, to 15mhz, and am having a difficult time interpreting where (if at all) 20mhz is specificed in the SoftWifi code, so that I could edit it down to 15...


    2) Will the future release of 802.11g include RTS/CTS? My distinct impression is RTS/CTS was really only vaguely designed around 802.11b, and by G it was fully implemented...





    Wednesday, June 30, 2010 7:50 PM


  • 1) You can pass the samples to a band-limit filter to get 15MHz signal. No hardware configuration or change needed.

    If you want a bandwidth higher than 20MHz, it need configure the RF to use 40MHz filter. Unfortunately changing RF bandwidth is not supported in current firmware. We will add this feature in future versions.

    2) No RTS/CTS is implemented. Only basic access mode, we encourage our users to implement additional features and open it to the community.

    Monday, July 5, 2010 7:21 AM