Why doesnt xbox 360 have free live multiplayer like psn RRS feed

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  • I know microsoft gets this alot. Probably. But microsoft should make Xbox 360 Live free for all members in the xbox community. I got my reasons for it. First of all most of my friends traded their xbox console and xbox games for a playstation 3 console and playstation games, why? Because they want to play multiplayer without paying every 3 or 12 months. I know i know, they are pretty cheap. But im beggining to feel like i should do the same thing. For the last 2 or 3 months i have not been on my xbox because i dont have live. And second, if you make live free i bet people will trade in their playstation console and games for the xbox 360 and xbox 360 games! People will still buy microsoft points, because everyone loves dlcs' they are awesome. Mabey people will buy microsoft points alot more 'cause they won't have to worry about saving their money for xbox live. Microsoft should make like a xbox "Premium" type of thing that you buy where it gives you the other benifits of xbox live. Like facebook, Youtube, Kinect chat, ect. But they should keep multiplayer and xbox chat parties for free. It will make xbox probably THE BEST CONSOLE on the market. So if you could please make playing multiplayer and chatting with friends on parties for free then it will make me and all the xbox players REALLY HAPPY and appreciate microsoft more than they ever had.

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