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    I am getting FileIOPermission and Dialog permission exceptions when trying to Debug/Run a VC#2008 Express project. The problem occurs when running in a VM guest with the project stored in a shared directory on the VM host. Running and debugging succeeds if the project is moved out of the host share and into the VM guest.


    I am setting up a test environment.  I have a virtual machine guest running WinXP and Visual C# express 2008. The VM guest is running on a WinXP host.

    The host has a shared directory that the guest can read and write to with all permissions. In Explorer I can move and copy files between the VM Guest and the share on the host.

    I have a VC#2008 project in the host's shared directory. I can rebuld the project on the guest while its sitting in the hosts share, but when I try to run or debug it fails with FileIOPermissions and Dialog permissions (at points where the app tries to open files and show the file dialog).

    I tried assigning permissions from the .NET configuration tool in the guest but saw no change in behavior, even when giving all code full trust. I did not try assigning perissions this way on the host.

    I get the same behavior whether the guest is running in Virtual PC or VMWare Server.

    I have also obeserved the same behavior in 3rd party non-.NET apps, where they can run in the guest and save their docs in the guest, but cannot save their docs in a share on the host. In this case they either crash or appear to succeed but dont actually save the file on the host share.

    Any insights are appreciated. Thanks.


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