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    I've noticed since I installed Onecare that my e-mail is taking a lot longer to download through Outlook than it used to.  Thanks to spam and multiple e-mail accounts, I usually have 500-800 pieces of mail each day.  It's usually only 1-2MB of data.  It is taking 5-7 minutes to download and process that mail everyday.


    My theory is it's taking Onecare all that time to process that much mail by checking for viruses and bouncing it against the junk mail list in Outlook.  Is there anyway to change the settings to make those checks when I open the mail instead of when it downloads?


    Just in case it is thought to be my connection, I have a solid 2MB up and 12MB down cable connection.  Plus, the first 40-50 e-mails download in about 3 seconds.  Then it slows down to a crawl doing 1 e-mail every second or so.


    Any ideas?

    Monday, October 13, 2008 3:15 PM


  • OneCare does not check mail for viruses, nor does it interact with the Outlook junk mail filters. It will check a message as you open it, that is load it into memory, or if you attempt to save an attachment to disk. It will check your Outlook mail store during a full scan.

    If you have other security software remaining on the PC, even if it is residual, but still active, this can cause a problem with performance.



    Monday, October 13, 2008 5:24 PM