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  • Hi guys and girls,

    I know similar questions have been asked already and over the last few years but none really have gone in the direction I am considering and I would just like some impartial advice on what direction to take. I completed my MCP and MCDST a couple of years back and the natural next step in certification was to go towards the MCSA/MSCE. My company at the time messed me around and after years of promising training and help to go down this route from a Helpdesk career to one in network admin side it all fell through so I invested in the Microsoft training books for these courses hoping to do it myself. My questions really are, is it still worth doing these courses and exams (everywhere I've worked still runs 2003 and are only just implemting server 2008 in small parts) or is it worth forgetting and going for the newer certs and paths? I figure since I have the books and still use the technology (plus got the virtual machines at home) its worth doing to get further certs on my CV as well as furthering my technical knowledge and skill set. Or is it better to pick a couple of the course elements and exams that may be more generally useful? For those of you that have the certificates, how long would you recommend to study and revise for each of the courses approximately so I can start organising my life out of work.....

    My other question is, how have most of you progressed into Network and System Admin and engineer roles? Most employers want the certifications but alot want the experience so how do I step up from a 1st/2nd line helpdesk job into one of these positions in the future? I've been getting involved in projects at work but found alot of the senior guys are very guarded with their knowledge and don't like showing suposedly 'lower' IT people (who want to learn!) much of value in the current economic climate

    Sorry for the long post and many questions but any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.



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