Trouble with Task sync RRS feed

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  • Hi. We are using MS CRM for our customer relation management, and I use mostly the Outlook integration of this. Our server is in Europe, and I am in the US. I have 2 computers that I need to keep in sync: my desktop and my laptop, and I am running into 2 issues:

    1) tasks lose "regarding" link. I have had several times that all my tasks lost the "regarding" link. That is a pain as I then have to set that field up again before I can work on an issue, and if for some reason there is no other mention of the contact or lead in the task, it involves digging deeper and finding the reference in a different way, which can be time-consuming. I have asked this question before, but never received an answer that helped me. My impression is that this has to do with switching the sync client from the desktop to the laptop and back before a trip. Has anyone seen that before?

    2) my laptop does not seem to synch tasks when connected via WiFi. I just got back from a trip and just before my flight, my task pane in Outlook (laptop) showed only 4 or 5 overdue tasks. When I returned to my office and turned on my desktop, dozens of overdue tasks were shown. I then connected my laptop (via LAN), and now it also shows those overdue tasks. many of them were tasks assigne to me during my absence, which apprarently never made it to the laptop. Others are tasks that I had worked on and set the due date for a later follow up. Those updates don't seem to have made it to the server. 

    As I said, I did not change the sync client, not wanting to lose the "regarding" field. And also because switching the sync client never works without de-installing the Outlook intgration on both machines, then installing it again, first on the machine I want to be the sync client.

    How does the syncing works? Obviously the server also talks to the non-synching client as I am able to use the CRM from Outlook on the road (regarding, etc.). What happens if I enter new information on the laptop (non-synching). Is that not transferred to the server? And what happens if someone enters, say, a new task for me, and my synching client is off. That doesn't make it to the non-synching client? That all seems quite user-unfriendly to me. I'd just like to have all my computers in sync and diesplay the same information without having to bend over backwards every time I go on a trip. How do I set that up?

    WE are using Outlook 2013, and my desktop is Win 8.1, the laptop Win7.

    Thursday, June 2, 2016 2:53 PM