Configuring SBS 2003 Premium through a ADSL modem using PPoE. RRS feed

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  • I have been attempting to configure my SBS 2003 to use RWW but can't seem to get the network set right. The ADSL modem supplied by my ISP is a Speedstream 5200, using a PPoE connection. I know I can't set the modem up as a total bridge and  I have to disable some of the features like DHCP. The connection worked before. I have since rebuilt my server (no new hardware) while studying for the Small Business certification and with the intent to use ISAas part of my firewall. My ISP has been little help, more confusing than helpfiul. I found a step by step instruction on Microsoft website but I can never connect to into the RWW, or any of the other remote system tools or applications I found so useful in the past. I recieve a time out and page can't be displayed.

    Also a side note the ADSL modem occasionally is recognized by the CEICW as a pnp device but not very often.


    Any help would be greatly appreciated!


    Tuesday, August 14, 2007 5:26 PM

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  • If your ADSL conction is popping up as a PNP device then chances are it was configured with port forwarding during server setup.  Problem is is that the auto config does never seem to hold the settings very well (from experience).


    Log into the device and configure your port forwarding to the server.  Specific to RWW is ports 1723 and 443.  I suggest your port forward 80 as well as RWW needs a certificate to function properly on 443 and I dont know that you have sucessfully implented that step.

    I would turn off PNP in the ADSL modem.\

    If you are using exchange dont forget port 25\

    If you are  using internet accessible sharepoint, add 444 (TCP)

    For security reasons, make sure to change the default supplied password in the Modem.


    If you are not paying per connection, turn on keep alive (different modems label this defferntly) but the basic idea is that it will auto ping a website every 5 minutes or so to keep the connection up.  Technically, PPOe is considered dial up and sometimes the modems are configured to demand dial (connect as needed). 


    Do you have a static IP?  If not register with DNSExit or something.

    If all works okay, next step is to impliment your certificate and ssl.  repost and I can help you with this too.




    Wednesday, October 24, 2007 7:08 AM