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    A short (ok, I hope so :D) list of features which I think may improve the forums experience

    * Personal "sticky" posts: while using the "My Threads" link allows one to see a list of his most recent posts/threads, there's no way to configure such a list to make some  some threads "sticky" (only in the personal list, not on the forums); now, having such an option may allow people to "stick" some threads and quickly retrieve them (e.g. to post a reference to an already discussed/solved issue)

    * Single message links: from time to time, it may be useful to add to a message a direct link to a particular message in a different thread; the problem is that there isn't a "direct link" which allows to copy the URL so one is forced to play tricks; adding a "link" button to each message may help

    * Images links: the ability to post images was a cool addition to the forums, the "problem" is that such images are scaled to fit into the forums interface, now... this is perfectly ok, but it would be a good idea changing the code so that image "thumbnails" will also be "links" to the full image (opening in a different window/tab); currently the only way to achieve such a result is to insert the image, edit the HTML code and add an "a href=..." tag; having the forums code automatically do that would be good

    Ok, I'll stop here, hope it isn't too much :)


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