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  • Not sure if this is the right place, but it was suggested that I ask my question here.  I haven't been able to get an answer anywhere else, or even find this issue mentioned.

    On my new Win8 computer, I recently expanded my System Protection Maximum Disk Space Usage from the out of the box setting of 1% (9 GB) setting to 2% (18 GB).  I deleted my only restore point and created a couple of new ones.

    It took only a few seconds to create a new restore point, which I now understand is a Shadow Copy.
    The Shadow Copy is very large. I’m sure there is some compression involved, but the hiperfil.sys file in the Shadow Copy, alone is over 6 GB.  So question #1, why would the Used Shadow Copy Storage space show only 19 MB?

    I left the room for a short while, and when I returned, still with only 2 restore points, the Used Shadow Copy Storage space had changed to 200 MB.  I observed this space over the next couple of days, and found that without adding more restore points, the Used space figure was constantly  growing by about 2 GB a day. I suspect the more realistic figure is in the GB range, but why isn’t it reported right after creating a restore point, instead of showing a constantly growing figure?

    As of last night, I had created 7 restore points.

    Looking at the vssadmin data via “Command Prompt (Admin)”:
         Vssadmin list provider   Shows that “Microsoft  Software Shadow Copy provider 1.0” is the only provider.
         Vssadmin list shadows  Shows that there are only 7 shadow copies… 1 for each restore point.

    Now for the part I don’t understand… After creating the 7th restore point last night –
        Vssadmin list shadowstorage Showed:
              Used Shadow Copy Storage space: 8.84 GB (0%)
              Allocated Shadow Copy Storage space: 9.72 GB (1%)
              Maximum Shadow Copy Storage space: 18.4 GB (2%)

    As of right now, still with the same 7 restore points, vssadmin list shadow storage shows:
             Used Shadow Copy Storage space: 10.6 GB (1%)
             Allocated Shadow Copy Storage space: 11.4 GB (1%)
             Maximum Shadow Copy Storage space: 18.4 GB (2%)

    Why is the Used and Allocated space changing, when the number of restore points has not changed?

    Sunday, April 14, 2013 10:42 PM


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