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  • I have installed a SATA controller on my WHS and won't boot. It did when I install it the first time and was able to backu my WHS. This is my first SATA controller, so I don't know much about RAID setting/configuration. I don't want RAID setting/configuration. What I want is to expand my HDD space by adding more HDD on the WHS. My SATA II controller is 6-Port 150 PCI Host Card w/RAID (Brand: VANTECUSA. MODLE: UGT-ST301R) Right now, the only setting I was able to select is "CONCATENATION", since I only have one HDD installed on the controller. I can't select anything else. How can I fix this?



    P.S. I have removed the SATA card from the motherboard to be able to use my WHS.

    El Boricua
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    When you first installed the card, which is actually a UGT-ST310R I beleive, I'm guessing you actually plugged the HDD into the new card then went into the RAID BIOS and created a JBOD array and assigned your single HDD to that array, correct?? If so, then when you booted into WHS, did you load the server 2003 drivers from the CD or not??

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    Saturday, September 11, 2010 7:03 AM
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    Thanks for replying, I have posted this question about a month and a half.  Yes, what you said is what I did, except I didn't create a JBOD. What I did, I installed the card then I when to SATA card bios (not the MOBO Bios) and set it to CONCATENATION, then I installed the server 2003 drivers from the CD. I'm not using the hard drive plugged into the SATA card to expand HD space, but to Backup my WHS. I do want to add more HD to the SATA card to expand WHS disk space. I forgot to mention that my MOBO got 2 SATA connector on board and got HD plugged into them. Could this be causing the problem?



    El Boricua
    Saturday, September 11, 2010 11:55 PM
  • This sounds like a boot order problem: with the SATA HBA installed the system is attempting to boot from it and failing. Probably you will have to configure the card's BIOS, or the motherboard's BIOS, to set the boot order correctly. Consult the manuals for the add-in HBA and your motherboard for details.
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