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  • I'm wondering why 'code button' inserts only a '<pre>...</pre>' around the code.

    This result in a very bad style, with code font size too much big, so I'm compelled to click also 'html button' and add

    <br><span><font size="2">... </font></span> around the <pre>...</pre>

    Others choice smaller font size and the result is more bad: a font so small that we must use a lens :o))

    Is it so impossible to fix a style for the font size of <pre> tag or an automatism that inserts the necessary tags to have a more readable code?
    please, mark this as answer if it is THE answer
    Diego Cattaruzza
    Microsoft MVP - Visual Basic: Development
    blog: http://community.visual-basic.it/Diego
    web site: http://www.visual-basic.it
    Sunday, January 17, 2010 12:29 PM