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    What are the best practices for debugging CRM On-Premise 2013 Sandbox isolated plugins made with SDK 6.0.2 in the multiple developers environment setup (Visual Studio 2012)?

    So far we had only developer, so there were no problems to debug plugins using Visual Studio Remote Debugger by attaching to and debugging CRM server Sandbox Worker Process (Microsoft.Crm.Sandbox.WorkerProcess.exe) instances. When more developers joined in, then locking and other type of "in use" problems started occurring. I believe that the reason for these problems is quite obvious, so the Remote Debugging is not the valid option anymore.

    Also trying to setup and use Plugin Profiler from Plugin Registration Tool for debugging, but unfortunately this somehow does not work for CRM 2013 (including Rollup Update 1) and SDK 6.0.2 versions - some unexpected errors pop up instead of Debug Session Profile download dialog (PluginProfiler.Plugins assembly strong name validation error).

    Are there any other tricky ways to debug simultaneously CRM 2013  plugins against the single On-Premise server instance without conflicting between developer sessions?

    Any hint or help would be appreciated!



    Friday, January 3, 2014 9:29 AM


  • I don't think there is any improvement you can make if you just have the one On-Premise instance, as a single process can only be attached to one debugger at a time. I'd recommend that each developer has a local CRM instance installed in a virtual machine (using VMWare, HyperV or VirtualBox) that they use for debugging.

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    Friday, January 3, 2014 11:53 AM