Outlook GPS integration suggestion RRS feed

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  • 1. Parallel with task/time approach in outlook agenda, I would like to have  task/place approach.

    There is many things that you have to do: when you arrive at home, at work,  shopping, but you really don't know when.

    When I need light bulb, I would like to mark it:
    Task: buy light bulb
    Time:  <not specified>
    Place: <Mall> (pull down list)

    Now I have to mark it as 15.01.2009 18:00, but then I go shopping on 18.01.2009 16:00, then snooze it on 19.01.2009...

    I can mark Location already, but have no alert when I am at location.

    Places would easily be marked as:
    Name: Mall
    Where: {This GPS point}
    Toleration : <500 ft>,
    At least (at location): <2 minutes>

    To choose "At least" is important because, if you drive near it by car, it will be  annoying to beep every time

    Mobile devices also could use cell location instead of GPS.

    Of course It would be nice to have categories, so you could choose between some specific store or any store.

    2. With many connected devices (sync-live-mesh-azure-cloud), I would like to mark  appointment in outlook, to alert me only on specific device (mobile, home computer,  work...).
    Monday, January 12, 2009 8:45 PM