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  • I am working on a vb.net application in Visual Studio 2008

    I have two mysql tables with the same field names, one table is located on a server and the other table is located on a client pc.

    I have to transfer all the records in the mysql table found on the server to a mysql table located on the client pc.

    I have been able to capture all the records in the mysql table found on the server but I am not able to insert it into the mysql table on the client pc.

    I have used the following code:

    myconnection.ConnectionString = (sconnect)

    sql =

    "select * from sample"

    mycommand =

    New MySqlCommand(sql, myconnection)


    myadapter.SelectCommand = mycommand



    myconnection1.ConnectionString = (sconnect1)



    If (mydataset.Tables.Count <> 0) Then

    sql1 =

    "INSERT INTO sample1 VALUES('" & mydataset.ToString & "')"

    mycommand1 =

    New MySqlCommand(sql1, myconnection1)





    Can anyone help me please, thanks in advance.  


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  • Try the .Net forum on  http://forums.mysql.com/

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