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    This is not an error message, but just a FYI.  I try installing the server software on a computer that I had just replace.  It had been operation without any issues other being a little slow.  So I thought great I will use the old computer for a server.  It was three years old, but had two harddrives, 1 gb of ram, DVD/CD player-writer.  So I start the install process and one day later it still was not working right or seem to have issue everytime I tried to do something.  After reading the forums and trying all the great ideas people had here.  I start checking all the logs on the server and final found where it kept having an errors from the primary harddrive.


    So I took the bad harddrive out an reinstalled the software (which only took about 2 hours).  It has been running without any issue since yesterday.


    So the moral of the story is always check the simple things first, like the plug Smile

    Sunday, April 22, 2007 1:46 PM