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  • I have just spent hundreds of hours trying to diagnose why my Windows XP Pro based computer keeps crashing. Tonight, I hopefully found the reason. It appears that I never installed the WGA plugin for Firefox. I never knew it existed. Since about July 24 when a Windows update was released, KB938828, my computer has gone through continual meltdowns. I have done repair installs 20 or 30 times. I did a complete reinstall, but every time I allowed all of the critical updates to load, I suddenly had complete lockups.   This was especially true with my modem and voice/fax drivers. Nothing ever came up saying I had to install a Firefox plugin.  Well tonight, I decided to read the information related to every update. Bingo! This update was released July 24. I had to perform a complete reinstall on July 25...my first crash. So, I set up a restore point and downloaded the update directly from Micorsoft. All of a sudden it pops up and tells me I have to install a WGA plugin for Firefox. I did so, installed the update, and the system now appears stable, no lockups when the screensaver starts or the monitor is shut down  If I could afford the time, then I would have tested it more before writing this. However, this is looking like a real Microsoft controlling everything issue. I would change to Linux in a heartbeat if I didn’t require Windows for my accounting and scheduling.

    This is starting to look like the situations years ago when WordPerfect and other competing programs began crashing ad nauseum until an antitrust suit was filed and Microsoft suddenly came out with a library upgrade that eliminated the problems, and when programs began crashing left and right with Windows 98 SE when XP wasn’t selling to their expectations. Are my problems due to the fact that Vista has some real problems and many are upgrading to XP to have their computers function? Right now, I wish I could send Bill a bill.  I have paid hundreds of dollars to upgrade equipment, have lost potential clients from no answering service, I am late in paying taxes, and have lost many hundres of hours of my time which is very valuable.  I paid for a functional operating system.  No matter what their license says, it should be just that. 

    Any more, I take all of the Microsoft statements as rhetoric not reasons for problems.  I truly believe they know what is going to happen before it happens with their updates.

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