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    Plan to deploy a single OCS SE and an Access Edge server for Public IM.


     1.  Is it going to be a problem or not supported if we add another OCS SE to an additional site    later on.    Will they communicate with each other. 


     2. Can we still use 1 Access Edge server for both OCS SE

     3. Having 2 OCS SE users would not be on both servers, so if one goes down it will affect only those users?

    4. For the Access Edge deployment, is it best practices to deploy it using ISA.  If so can someone post the link for the steps.



    5. Communicator Web Access Server – Can this be used instead of a deploying a client.  Any major drawbacks.  




    Tuesday, July 24, 2007 8:42 PM


  • 1.   I have a similar configuration for LCS, and I have tested in OCS.  There have not been any issues.
    2.  The Access Edge server will communicate with any server that is authorized to communicate with it.  In my environment, I have a director that handles all external communication and then the servers that house my users all communicate with the director.  It made life easy as other servers were brought online.
    3.  Assuming both servers house all of the same services that are in use, and users are configured to connect to their local server, then a server failure would just impact the users on that server.
    4.  I do not have it deployed behind ISA.
    5.  In a strictly IM environment there aren't any issues.  Once you add voice, video, conferencing, or other integration you may need the full Communicator client.

    Wednesday, July 25, 2007 3:32 PM