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  • When in My Forum Threads, all forum names are hierarchically listed on the left side of the display with a check box, 'on' if in My Forums, 'off' if not in My Forums.  If you hover the mouse over one of these forum names, eventually a small window pops up with an opportunity to add or remove this particular forum from My Forums.  The problem appears to be z-order - parts of this popup are sometimes obscured behind then 'unanswered' and '0 votes' text controls, and thus cannot be clicked.  Often, when the function can be clicked, moving the mouse from the hover position to the add/remove text, the popup closes.  The popup has a transparent background and is thus messy to read.  I could find no other way to add/remove from My Forums.

    This complaint is one of several.  The worst problem of all is that scripts take much to long to execute - the forum gui is dead until it asks you if you want script execution to continue.  I always say no and nothing bad seems to happen.  I didn't much care for this forum roll out when it was new, but I was willing to be patient.  Much time has passed and it is still really awful.

    Monday, December 2, 2013 3:40 PM


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