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    I have a question on deploying OCS 2007 Standard Edition in an environment that has multiple domains that are spread across different physical locations.  I have an idea of how this can be done but just need some validation.  All sites have less then 5000 users and require no high availability.  I will also be deploying mediation servers at each site for PSTN integration.  Thank you in advance.  I am looking for the most simple deployment.


    Domain 1= root.com 1 Standard Edition Server / 1 Mediation Server / Access Edge Server

    In root.com I will have all users at this site added to the standard edtion pool at this site.


    Domain 2= child1.root.com 1 Standard Edition Server / 1 Mediation Server

    In child1.root.com I will have all users at this site added to the standard edition pool at this site


    Domain 3= child2.root.com 1 Standard Edition Server / 1 Mediation Server

    in child2.root.com I will have all users at this site added to the standaed edition pool at this site


    I will configure the Access Edge server at the main site as the main server connected to the internet fo CoMo access and remote user access.  Will this work?  Will all users that connect to the AE be able to log in, since this server is at the main site?


    Is this configuration supported?  How many standard edition servers can be deployed in total? 


    I do not want traffic from the child domains to all be part of the root.com standard edition pool.  That is the reason for the SE servers at each site.


    In my lab I configured a root domain and a child domain off of the root and successfully logged in a user on each domain and was able to communicate with each other.


    Looking for all input on this configuration.  Thank you again.

    Wednesday, November 26, 2008 4:57 AM


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  • Hi,


    That's should work fine....


    As for number of standard edition servers in your organization I haven't seen any "limit".


    You can also validate your design using the planning tools available here:


    OCS 2007 Planning Tool



    OCS 2007 Edge Planning Tool



    Have you considered deploying a Director role after your Access Edge to get some increased security?



    Tonino Bruno

    Wednesday, November 26, 2008 8:46 AM

    Thank you for the confirmation.


    I have found the planning tool to be a bit confusing sometimes.  When it creates a Standard Edition deployment it shows that a Mediaum SQL DB is required.  Standard Edition does not connect to a seperate SQL database.


    In addition to the Access Edge at the main site I would need a web conferencing server, and a A/V Edge Server.  Also an ISA server


    At the remote sites I would need a A/V Edge Server for Audio and Video in conferences, and a Web Conferencing Edge Server.  Also an ISA server.


    Another thing I noticed is that the planning tool does not show a standard edition server at each site.  It shows all users are part of the same pool.  I am wondering if it is just a preference to put a standard edition server at each site.  I would get concerned with WAN traffic back to the main site.

    Wednesday, November 26, 2008 4:50 PM