problem copying the content of the local "onedrive" folders to an external drive using synctoy RRS feed

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  • hello,

    I discovered latetly that synctoy (2.1) does not copy le content of my local "onedrive" folder (d:\data\skydrive).

    all the content is 'available off line', and can be copied manually via the explorer but not with synctoy (does not even appear in synctoy when you choose folders to exclude, on the right panel).

    I use the 'echo' choice in synctoy, to save to an external drive all the d:\data content. everything is copied but the skydrive folder !

    it did work previously, sure under windows 8.0. not sure when the problem occured

    technical info :

    windows pro 8.1 64 french

    asrock motherboard with amd 8320 proc, 16gb ram

    the external drive (in a usb/e-sata docking station) is connected by e-sata, set as removeble in the bios of my pc.

    the "documents" folder of onedrive is also locally syncronized on my laptop under windows 7, not the "images" and "public" folders.

    thanks for helping me

    Friday, October 17, 2014 9:49 AM