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  • I have over 3000 wps and doc. files that I use.  I downloaded SyncToy 2.1.  The first pair was between a flash drive(1), which is my primary creation and storage of all these files, and a second flash drive(2)that I will use as a backup.  Everything went well and the (2) drive is a perfect image of the (1) drive.

    Then, for permanant storage I tried to make a second pair between (1) drive and a second HD on my computer.  When I tried this it didn't work.  SyncToy created all folders, but left most of them without the files that are supposed to be in them.  In creating this pair when Synctoy was finished some red lettering appeared and said that over 9000{can't remember what they were called}requied no action.

    Since SyncToy sycn'ed two flash drives correctly, why won't it sync the primary flash drive with the second HD on my computer. I tried several time with the same result.

    I do have other files already, nothing to do with the files I am trying to store with Synctoy, so would this cause the problem described.  Anyway, how to I get the files and folders on drive (1) sync'ed to the second HD on my computer.  Thanks.

    Friday, January 2, 2015 1:28 AM