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  • Evening,


    I like Microsoft and Vista and Office 2007, but the software is simply to slow to work with, it's so slow that I am seriously thinking about uninstalling it and going back to XP and Office 2003 since I am so tired of sitting around waiting for the blue circle to stop spinning, I have seen that the damn circle way too much.....


    I am running a HP dv9000 Centrino Duo with a 7200rpm disk (newly defragged) a 512mb graphics, 2GB memory and a 2GB readyboost SD card, nothing should be slow on this machine.....


    Just this evening I started up my machine from hibernation to check my email after not using it all weekend. About 2-3 minutes after I started up my machine my wife started her apple laptop (my machine was at this point still blinking and working with the disk like crazy doing something as usual and at the same time freezing up everything). My wife checked her email and started up a second browser window to read the news.... I was still waiting for my machine to respond..... then it came alive and I started Outlook 2007, back too freezing.... my wife was done, closed her mac and went to the bathroom to get ready for bed.... I was still waiting for Outlook to start up........ This is ridiculous, I need something that works and responds quickly, at this point with the hardware that we have on the machines today we should not have to sit around and wait like this, someone at MS needs to fix this, and that's fast or people will migrate away from MS software since it's just not worth sitting around waiting like this, I have better things to do then wait for the blue f-cking MS donut to stop spinning...


    MS enthusiast starting to get tired....



    Monday, July 23, 2007 6:26 AM

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  • Brunoj,


    I find that a start from a shut down is always faster than a start from a sleep.


    Get rid of the readyboost SD, the system will probably work faster from sleep.


    If Apple was plugged in and Hp was on batt, that could also explain a speed difference.  On batt Intel throttles back their systems something fierce.

    Monday, July 23, 2007 2:46 PM