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    Hello everyone

    Firstly, my thanks to the OCS community. Were it not for all of your posts in here I think a lot of people would give up on the more complex tasks with OCS. I think there is a lack of decent documentation from MS, especially on edge servers. Keep up the good work.. Smile


    I have a production OCS 2007 Std server running MOC 2007 & LM clients quite happily within our own internal domain.


    I would like to extend LM to users in our extranet. The users are not on the public internet but in a firewalled segment of our WAN, and they are not in our AD domain. The lab environment is not subject to firewalling at present.


    I have an edge server setup with 4 ip addresses. the internal network is separated from the external ( different subnet )


    I have allocated a cert from my internal CA to the internal address, and for testing used 3 of the verisign 14 day trial certs. The certs are assigned correctly


    When I start a LM session from internal to extranet client, the internal user starts up ok, as does the external client ( he has "trusted" the root ca's for the appropriate servers )


    I believe anonymous settings are configured globally ok - and annonymous access is enabled when i schedule using the LM add-in for outlook


    Anyway, after about 20 seconds of trying to connect the client LM session stops trying to conenct & says "Live meeting cannot connect to the meeting. Wait a few moments, and then try to join the meeting again. If you still cannot connect, contact your administrator or technical support"


    I have turned on debugging from the client but the log is really huge. I notice 2 INVITE requests sent successfully, but I do get a few dns lookup errors too. The 3 hostnames I have configured for my external interfaces are all in DNS. Most of the lookup errors I get on the external client are related to sipinternal.mydomain.com


    Anyway, does anybody have some ideas on what to look for in the debug ? I can post the whole lot but don't want to outlive my welcome





    Sunday, November 30, 2008 12:29 PM

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  • T,

    Do you have all of your external SRV records in place?  Can you post any SIP error messages you find.  Remember to use Snooper to dig through the trace/debug files because it does a great job of showing you the errors in the log file.


    Thursday, December 4, 2008 2:05 AM