Can Money 2007 Premium and Money+ Sunset run side-by side on the same laptop ? RRS feed

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  • I just reinstalled Money 2007 Prem from CD on my new Windows 7 laptop (was on my old XP PC) - no problems with install or transfering .mny file.  I had no issues turning off LiveId updates, changed my password to a Money password, and am still receiving quote updates - life is good.

    I find my options on what to do prior to Jan 31 2011 confusing on the MS site .  So the questions: 
    1) Can Money 2007 Prem and Money+ Sunset co-exist (be installed) on the same PC at the same time?  (be nice to compare differences)
        (or do I have to uninstall M 2007 1st?)
    2) Should I stay on Money 2007 after 1/31/11 or does it make sense to go to M+ sunset prior?
        ( what are the pro's / con's for either)

    Also has anybody converted their M 2007 .mny file into M+ sunset - any issues / problems with that???

    I have been using Money for quite some time and want to continue to use it for my cost basis info now
    and way down the road (doing manual quote updates is a pain but I can live wth it)

    Any advise / input / opinions very appreciated

    Thanks in advance



    Monday, November 8, 2010 7:47 PM


  • 1. Money 2007 can co-exist with Money Plus Deluxe Sunset. The file associations for QIF and OFX will be with the latest installed. If you install Money Plus Deluxe Sunset and you want to keep your earlier version also, pay attention to make sure that you de-select to uninstall earlier versions if that comes up.

    2. I am using Money Plus Sunset on my laptop and Money Plus on my desktop machines. If you want to experiment, I suggest making a copy of your current *.mny with a new name. Then in Money 2007, go to AccountList->ManageOnlineServices and disable each for online access. Save that file, and use that  modified file for Money Plus Deluxe Sunset.

    Search here and elsewhere for info on PocketSense. That is what will allow you to download directly from many financial institutions (especially brokers and credit cards). It also lets you get stock quotes via Yahoo. Many brokers put quote into the OFX files, but the separate quote fetching ability lets you get quotes for things that you may not currently hold with your broker.

    Suppose you do the dual install. When you use Money 2007, open that with its launch icon. Select your unmodified file from the list at the bottom of the File menu to open. Thereafter Money 2007 will remember that file as the last opened file. It will use that file by default.

    It is not important for you to install Money Plus Sunset. Money 2007 should continue to work fine. You can probably even reinstall later. But in case there is a problem later, I suggest you at least download the Money Plus Deluxe Sunset install file, and keep that in a safe place. Money 2007 should work with the Pocket Sense scripts too, if you do not install Money Plus. The PocketSense scripts try to feed the info collected to the Money program that is associated with OFX files.

     Money Plus does offer some quiet advantages over Money 2007. It can deal with flash drives with more than 2 GB of free space. The spinoff feature is fixed. It honors the setting to limit the number  of backups for scheduled  backups.

    Monday, November 8, 2010 8:27 PM