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  • I'm using Contribute to back up files from the left folder to the right folder.

    Contribute does not copy any changes from the right folder to the left folder - the right folder is only ever the recipient.

    But, when clicking 'Run', SyncToy spends ages scanning the entire right folder tree for changes, before copying changed files from left to right.

    Why does it do this?  Surely it doesn't care.  Changes that have taken place in the right folder have no effect on what happens - which files are copied and which aren't.  Only changes in the left folder are relevant. 

    Wouldn't it be better if SyncToy didn't waste time doing a lengthy scan of the right folder before starting the file copy process?

    My hunch is that the "look for changes" code runs first, regardless of what type of Action the user has selected.  Then, the code checks the Action type and copies files around accordingly.

    If I'm right, I reckon it would be better to check the Action type first, and then decide what scanning needs to happen.

    Of course, that is just conjecture.  But it doesn't seem very sensible at the moment.

    Monday, February 16, 2009 11:44 AM