How can i recover my account on xbox live when the gamertag was linked to the wrong email and i dont know the email? RRS feed

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  • The problem is its been so long since i tried to figure out my step-dads password and he doesn't remember it so i can access xbox live. I've created a new account but i would prefer to reactivate my old account. I wanna know how i can access my account online when i don't remember, and please don't tell me to use my xbox to find the email because when i try it denies me access to any information. yeah its for security purposes but sometimes its really annoying. i just want an easy way to access my information with less hassle. It would be cool if xbox support could help me, but i somehow think they would say that they can't. Gamertag-TRISTAN320 linked to Step-Father-(Tracy Townsend) unknown email and password.
    Tuesday, March 25, 2014 4:04 PM