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  • I've been perusing these forums for help and seen people with problems similar to mine, yet no fixes have worked for my issue.

       Here's whats happened: I bought Windows Vista a few days after it came out, activated it, validated it, and it worked fine. A few weeks ago, it told me my copy was not valid and displayed a "Windows Vista (TM) Build 6000 This Copy of WIndows is not genuine" message on my desktop. That message went away by itself the next time I rebooted. Yesterday I downloaded some Windows Updates and once again, my computer told me my copy of windows was not genuine. The only difference was that the next time I rebooted, it would not let me log on until I had "activated" my copy of windows.

       Each time I tried to activate online or enter my product key, Windows would tell me my key was already in use. I managed to finally log on after activating via the phone activation, but each time I turn on my computer it gives me the pop-up "this copy is not genuine, please activate" message. I've tried rebooting, activating online, activating via the phone, using the command prompt activation, and even re-entering my key into  Computer>Control panel>System.

      When I do go to that system window, it tells me that "Windows is activated". I also received confirmation of activation when I tried to activate over the phone. However, whenever I go to the validation page, it tells me I need to activate my copy of Windows before I can be validated.

       What do I do? I've run out of ideas.

    The only thing i cane think off to do is uninstall and go back to XP, Becouse the peac of shit called Vista dos not work.

    I think it is to do with the DRM/ACTIATION/VALIDATION Servers that carnt keep up with the  vista start up recests that you have to go though every time you booy or reboot your pc.


    this system souled be sut dowen untill a salution is found by the so called softwaer engeners at MS.


    You ask me the hole company hase soled out to the meider industery with the implmation off DRM in windows


    I allso thingk it is a dame liberty that this new DRM/ACTIVATIO/VALIDATION system cane deny me acsses to my computer and make me pay over the odds for the privalig






    Saturday, April 7, 2007 9:45 AM


  • Please phone activate, but speak with a customer service representative and to get your confirmation ID.  Please let me know if that doesn't work.  Thank you!
    Monday, April 9, 2007 7:13 PM