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  • After installing WHS 2011 into a small business with 3 PC's running Win7Pro x64, one of the PC's constantly shows a "Computer Monitoring Error" alert.  The error alert provides no usable information for understanding why it is being triggered.  The text seems to indicate that the health assessment process itself may be failing; however, there isn't any information on what to do to fix this issue if in fact that is the problem.  The 'click the Learn more about this alert link' does not lead to any more information to learn.

    If the alert is set to 'ignore' this last for all of about 10 minutes before resurrecting.  This is becoming an annoyance to all of the PC's that get this toaster pop up.  Also this is falsely desensitizing them that the yellow home icon is normal ...which of course isn't desirable.

    An examination of the PC also show's no signs of problems; it backs up properly, has plenty of free disk space, its Microsoft Security Essentials AV is up-to-date and has scanned recently, and all Windows Updates are installed.

    Dale Unroe
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  • A local WHS guru and SBS MVP, Kevin Royalty, suggested that I double-check that the Win7 PC had the correct network set as "Work" or "Home" rather than "Public".  I verified that it was "Work".  This was a good idea as many of the firewall and networking settings are controlled by this.

    Having failed to find the telltale cause there, ...being on-site I then opted to quickly remove the WHS connector and reinstall it.  So far this has looked promising and I'm waiting on feedback from the client that the annoying meaningless false/positive alert has completely vanished.  Should feel more comfortable that this demon is fully exorcised in a few days.

    Dale Unroe

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  • apparently my holy water remedy wasn't high enough octane - alerts pop up and disappear infrequently throught each business day - ONLY on this one PC

    Now away from their office I was asked to remotely examine the server as it was advertising a health alert of its own.  For all I could tell, the only possible reason for the alert was to install and 'optional' Windows Update.  I have a big problem with an alert being thrown for these types of updates ...assuming this is the case.  After I installed the couple/few updates and rebooted the WHS 20111 box all is now good with the server's health alerts.

    This got me curious why the alert notice on the top right of the dashboard didn't reflect the connected PC's and if not where I could find their alerts within the Dashboard.  After looking I found where they were listed at a top level overview; however, the ability to right click on a PC and choose to display the granular alert information fails.  See below screen shot:

    Dale Unroe
    Monday, October 31, 2011 1:03 PM
  • ...anyone?  anyone?

    Dale Unroe
    Tuesday, November 29, 2011 8:38 PM