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  • If you are a trader with no technical knowledge and you read that article I inform you that our site is on a VPS server. The reason that I am starting with that information is to make people with out technical skills to understand that a Forex VPS is exactly the same like a server VPS. The only difference maybe is on the specifications of the server. Lot of people mention the word Forex, with the word VPS. That term especially in my opinion is not exist. It's just a way for companies to sell something ''exotic'' to people with out technical knowledges.

    What is a VPS server?

    Right now you may read this article from your computer or from a mobile. If you are reading the article from a computer I will try to do it as much simple.

    VPS is a computer like this one you may using now with the difference is not in your house or in your office. You just need to connect on it. That computer is a virtual / fake which runs through the servers of hosting companies.

    What are the benefits of a VPS server and why people using it for Forex?

    In Forex trading it has got a lot of benefits to use a VPS.

    • Computer runs 24/7 week and the most companies gurantee 99.9% up-time
    • No viruses
    • Fast Computers
    • 24h Trading

    That are some of the benefits to trade Forex through the VPS.

    Forex VPS Hosting

    Monday, May 09, 2016 10:19 AM