Slow upband from server on LAN RRS feed

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    I have been using process explorer to determine the outbound network speed of my home server after I noticed a significant increase in pausing/jittering while streaming video.  The rate it caps at is 3mpbs over the lan which is very low since I have a gigabit lan router. To test why the speed was so low I transfered some large files across different machines on the same lan.  Each machine had a much higher rate closer to the expected speeds for a gigabit lan.  I then proceeded to see how fast I could send data to the WHS and found that it could receive data at the gigabit link speed.  I replaced the NIC card and repeated the test, but got the same result.  

    I'm lost... :(  Would someone mind pointing me in the right direction to further research this issue or tell my why only my upband would be so slow from the WHS?

    Saturday, December 3, 2011 7:37 AM

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