How to call a non-OCS phone as part of a response group RRS feed

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  • This is working for me & my users - I'll put this out there in-case it is useful for others.

    My environment is:
    - OCS R2 Standard edtion server
    - OCS R2 Standard edition mediation server
    - Asterisk server

    The problem...

    We have move to OCS R2 as our main telephone system.  There are some places in the building where the type of phone we had before is not available for OCS - the example being wireless handheld portable phones, used by the guys on the over night shift in the warehouse.

    How can I ring these non-OCS phones as part of the overnight response group in OCS???

    The solution (for us)

    Replace the wireless phone with either:
    - a wireless phone that the base station can be a SIP device
    - buy something like a Linksys SPA3102 device to provide a 'SIP gateway' (this is what we did)

    We use Snom 300 phones (with OCS firmware) on the regular counters.  These ring as part of the response group.  They are set as stand alone OCS objects - not complimenting a user's presence, but registering thier own presence.

    I selected one of the OCS users that the Snom phones login with.  I edited the properties of the user on the OCS server.

    Under Telephone Options for that user - I have Enterprise voice checked AND PBX Intergration checked.

    Now - the Server URI can be completed with:
    sip:5801@[DNS NAME of the Asterisk server in here]

    (Note: I tried an IP address - it didn't work - when I used a DNS name - it did)

    When the response group calls that particular OCS object - it also calls out to 5801 on the Asterisk server.  I set my Asterisk server to send that call to the SIP device mentioned at the beginning of this section.

    But - this is a basic phone.  You do not want a second call going to it if it is busy - so I set the dialplan in Asterisk that if the phone is in use (outgoing or incoming) then it is not available (plays a busy tone & Asterisk does not ring the phone or attempt to pass the call to it).

    Just to be clear - all the phones that should ring as part of the response group do - and this phone.  If you answer this phone - the others stop ringing (as they should do, the call has been answered).  If this phone is busy - the others continue to ring as the response group should do - including the stand alone phone that this solution is relying on the set presence (because the stand alone phone is not busy - the external phone is).

    Because the call is passed to Asterisk for handling - there no reason why this call could not go outside the building to a cell or to some other device / location - be careful of voicemail picking up the call outside the control of OCS.

    Future enhancements

    This works because the Snom device is always on & always publishing presence to the OCS server.  In the future, I'd like to write a little application that can register a separate OCS user for the wireless phone - and then update presence of that user.  That would 'remove' the need to 'piggy-back' off the Snom phone's presence.

    For example - there is a .NET Asterisk manager tool.  Using that - you can tell the status of the wireless phone, and then set the presence of the wireless phone OCS object to 'Available' or 'Busy - In a call'.  I've done some work like this with queues in Asterisk based on presence from OCS - but setting a user's presence in code seems a little bit more complex.  If I could get this app working - I could 'handle' the presence for multiple users (multiple non-OCS SIP devices).

    Anyway - this solution is working for us currently...

    Maybe this would work for other external SIP devices or PBX's???  I believe this does already work correctly for Cisco & Nortel CS1000 systems...


    Paul Adams
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