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    I have found the answer to my question (copied below).

    Rather emabarassingly, the answer was very simple. I had re-ordered the transactions in alphabetical order. This caused the extended execution times for changing categories. Placing the transactions back in date order restored the missing speed.

    Of course, if I were able to put the transactions in alphabetical order and retain the speed of recategorization this would be immensely better, but Money seemingly cannot do that. Ah, well.

    Sorry if anyone wasted their time reading this post prior to this edit.



    I have been using Money 2002 Personal & Business edition for many years. Until now changing categories for transactions has been a fast process. But suddenly it has become incredibly slow. Changing one transaction's category takes 30 seconds. Changing five transactions takes several minutes. Ten transactions take more than ten minutes. This could get painful; I have more than 2,000 transactions to which I want to assign categories. Ouch!

    Here is what caused this situation;

    When I want to assign categories to uncategorized transactions I do this;

    1/ In Advanced Search I set Text, Account and Date filters, then click Next.

    2/ In the list of transactions I select a number of transactions, right-click anc choose "Change category". I then select the category that I want and click OK. The category is then instantly altered.

    I recently had an idea; I would assign all uncategorized transactions to two new category named "Uncategorized Expenses" and "Uncategorized Income". I would then enter the Categories list, select one of the new categories and batch convert selected transactions from there using the Change category button. So I tried this. It was painfully slow.

    So I tried the following approaches to get back to fast category changes;

    1/ I reverted to my normal method using Advanced Search. Suddenly, that was just as incredibly slow as my new method.

    2/ I went to my backup Money file. Both methods of changing transaction categories remained incredibly slow.

    3/ I tried a series of older Money file backups (I have some dating back several years). They were all incredibly slow.

    5/ I removed all modules from the Home page (everything else was already set to minimum; Accounts List set as the home page, Expert Assistant turned off, no bills scheduled). Still amazingly slow.

    6/ I rebooted the computer. Still slow.

    7/ I uninstalled Money and reinstalled it. Still incredibly slow.

    I use Money on two different computers, one running Windows 7 Ultimate, the other Windows 10 (both 64 bit). Changing categories used to be instantaneous on both computers, but it is now equally slow on both. My altered file seems to somehow have affected both machines.

    At this point I don't know what else to try. Can anybody help?


    Tuesday, December 11, 2018 7:15 AM

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  • What happens when you run salv.exe and try to repair your data files ?

    Slow response, when you open a old backup, suggests to me that the problem is in your PC / OS / installed Money program.

    Do you have an ancient computer running Windows 98 or later on which you could install Money 2002 and experiment further?


    Tuesday, December 11, 2018 9:18 AM