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  • It would be really useful to be able to:


    1) Specify the fields that you would like replicated to the client table. (not all fields on the server will be needed at client and these just use up bandwidth, especially with internet connections to the server)


    2) Specify a WHERE clause in the initial transfer of data from the server to client. (an example Microsoft uses in the video show a salesman downloading data for his area from the server, yet the Designer tool downloads all data. Generally the client only need data that pertains to that client application)


    3) An update to work with SQL2008 and VisualStudio 2008. (I am sure this is underway, but a timeline would be good for its arrival)


    4) Ability for the designer to specify which fields in a bidirectional sync need to go back to the server. (some fields will never be changed by the client application, so there is no need to send them back to server)


    5) Ability to edit (in the designer) the SQL statements that perform the main 8 server/client transfers. (that would encompase 1,2 & 4 above and give the option of using JOINS to fetch fields from other tables)


    6) Ability to map to UDT's either by having the designer user ToString()/Parse in calls to server of a means of mapping the current byte[] type returned to the original UDT structure in linq queries.


    I realise this can all be done now by creating the 8 (SELECT/INSERT/DELETE) commands, but the designer is very tidy way of creating the underlying structure and could mean hand coding 1-6 above would be unnecessary. 




    Brett Styles


    Dream Building Pty Ltd

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    Hi Brett


    Thank you for your suggestions!  I will make sure they get added to our engineering request log.


    Maria del Mar Alvarez Rohena - MSFT

    Thursday, November 20, 2008 11:39 PM