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  • 1. It would be very useful if you could copy text from text details of a calendar item (MS Exchange via Activesync) and paste into an SMS message. I can paste text from the calendar to Notes or other apps or e-mail messages but not to an SMS message. Seems odd.

    2. When you are at the Today page the lower right menu button is "Contacts" for me (I think this is configurable but I use that a lot so there it is). When you go to the phone application the Contacts button is on the lower left menu button. Some consistency there would be good. This may be a change to the phone app I don't know. Who is the chicken and who is the egg?

    3. When you get a notification about a calendar event or SMS message you get a pop-up and the dismiss soft key is the left button. But when you get an e-mail the left button is "View" and the right is "Dismiss". A little consistency there would be good.

    4. Many times I have been trying to type text on the on screen keyboard composing an e-mail message and I get a pop-up that tells me I have e-mail from work, then another pop-up right after that one about messages in Gmail. Each pop-up closes the on screen keyboard interrupting my train of thought and it is really frustrating. ALL I WANT TO DO IS TAP THIS OUT - GO AWAY PLEASE. Can the pop-ups be a little more sensitive to the user and wait until the user completes a their current activity?

    HTC Mogul (Sprint PCS PPC-6800)
    Windows Mobile 6.1 CE OS 5.2.1629 (Build 188136.0.4.8).

    Friday, September 12, 2008 10:09 PM

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  • Great suggestions dsiminiuk!

    Saturday, September 13, 2008 6:35 PM