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  • I have been using home server for a little over two years now and this morning none of the drives I have mapped (to WHS folders) could re-connect. When I click on the mapped drives I get the message that the account is locked out - but this is not a password issue...

    I booted both the PC and the server.  Can't log into the console... when I do try to log into the console it connects with a blank screen.  The same goes for logging in via a remote desktop connection. No icons, no bar, no start button, no nutt'in! 

    On booting my PC I got a message about the home server connector error (which would effect the console but shouldn't effect mapped drives)

    I noticed when I booted it up I got the WHS icon in my PC's tray but it flashed a message that I bearly had time to read which said something about "0 days left on my trial windows home server".  This blows me away because I have never had or install a "trial version" this is the full version which I have been running for over two years now. 

    My PC is a Intel 9550 Dual Quad on a Asus MOBO, gigabit lan, Windows XP SP3 and nothing has changed on my PC in 8 months. 4GB DDR2 RAM, 500GB HDD, 750GB HDD and have about 400GB free.

    The Server is a HP Media Server 470 has been up and running over two years:  1) 500GB, 2) 2tb, 1)1tb and the only change was 8 months ago when I swapped out 2 750gb HDDs for 2 2 TB HDDS... No other changes have been made in that time. There is currently about 800GB free (Total).

    For now the PC is powered down, the Server is powered down and ntwk cable unplugged.  At least until I get home from work and can try to get into it again. 

    Has anyone else seen this? Any ideas that hopefully does not include loosing TBs of data & backups...?

    Thank you!


    Tuesday, April 19, 2011 1:07 PM

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  • OK... here's some interesting new developments...  I finally got around to firing it back up after a couple days and it came up fine, there are no issues...  Magic?   I'm not amused or comfortable.  I'm scanning everything right now with spyware and antivirus software.  It'll take a while to complete and will let you know if I found anything but I doubt that I will.  Everything is being actively scanned at the PC and I don't permit guest logins nor do I permit remote/web access, even so it is on the wire and anything on the wire is vulnerable to some degree (no matter what perimeter security is in place).  I also see no overt or covert communications via network sniffer [Yes, I'm now professionally IT Paranoid - former Telecom Engineer.]

    I really think this is a WHS software or connector issue but have yet to find anything odd or damaged.  I'll probably make a full back up of the entire server, wipe everything and start over.

    One other thing I failed to mention before was that during all this the tray icon on my PC continued to display the correct status of the server co some communications continued.

    I'll keep you all posted on my findings.




    Thursday, April 21, 2011 12:14 PM