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  • I made a huge (I am talking huge) mistake by taking a trial 2007-08 windows upgrade. Please don't ask me what the hell I was thinking, as I can only answer dumb, dumb & dumber. (I was warned it was horrible)

     I tried to remove it, problem. I tried to reload it problem. Now my whole system is out of wack, nothing works and I can't get this thing back to normal. I tried reverting back to system restore prior to the fatal day. Nothing! Now all I get is some stupid window that says installing and nothing happens. You can hit cancel ten times too, it keeps coming back like a bad flu.


    I know micro-shaft is known for some pretty sneaky stuff, put this is ridicoulus.  Believe me if the product was good I would have purchased it, but it isn't. Too difficult to use, cumbersome and, well shity. (is shity with two t's or one?)


    Please help me, I just want my old windows XP back, is that too much to ask. I will even pay the cost of the upgrade/extortion  if I don't have to use it.  If Tony Saprano would have pulled something like this; they would have thrown his *** in jail.


    Tired,tired tired of micro-shaft. If walmart ever comes out with an operating system; I don't care if it comes with a chaulk board I am buying it.




    Tuesday, May 27, 2008 1:48 PM

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