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  • I’m having a problem deleting a ‘.zip’ file within my Program Files on C drive.


    Back ground info


    Whilst working on some files from work, at home and with an iTunes song playing in the background. My PC encountered a virus on the document I opened from work. This virus was picked up by my PC Tools Anti-virus & Spyware software and was quarantined. Unfortunately though, the clean up also required me to remove both iTunes and Quicktime programs from my Windows XP Media PC.


    For a month now I’ve tried to remove c:\Program Files\Quicktime\QTSystems\QTJava.zip file from my PC as it interferes with the reloading of Quicktime and iTunes.


    I’ve spoken to Apple.com support, however they have not been able to rectify the problem using their removal / repair programs, and because they aren’t Windows trained only Apple Mac.


    The problem is that until I can remove this QTJava.zip file from my PC, I’m unable to load Quicktime and hence play or use iTunes. (iTunes requires Quicktime to play, and Quicktime can’t be loaded whilst QTJava.zip file is on my PC). 


    I have completely removed:


    1.      iTunes from both the ‘Add & Remove Programs’ section (Control Panel) and within C:\ drive Program Files, so no folder exists now.

    2.      The ‘iPod’ folder from c:\ Program Files.

    3.      ‘Quicktime’, ‘Apple Software update’ & ‘Apple Mobile Device Support’ programs [as instructed by Apple.com support] from the ‘Add & Remove Programs’ section within Control Panel.

    4.      The ‘Apple Software Update’ folder from c:\ Program Files.

    5.      Other Quicktime files from the ‘Quicktime’ folder within c:\ Program Files, except for the file listed here - c:\Program Files\Quicktime\QTSystems\QTJava.zip.

    6.      Quicktime and Apple software and their string keys (plus all their sub keys) within ‘Registry Editor’ (regedt32).


    On trying to delete the file, it comes up with ‘Error deleting file or folder. Cannot delete QTJava: access is denied.  Make sure the disk is not full or write protected and that the file is not in use’.


    Also if I ignore this file and then try reloading Quicktime from the Apple website it crashes whilst installing; with the following info:- ‘The installer has insufficient privileges to modify this file – c:\Program Files\Quicktime\QTSystems\QTJava.zip’.


    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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