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  • Why does microsoft Corp. Make a product before they really test them? Now I know the first thing you'll say. But we do test it. BullSh##! What you might think is a Test has never really worked out for you. Has it? There is Never a guarantee  on your products. Example after six months if it is not to your satisfaction, you get your money back. Examples of software that dosn't work properly. Win. Live OneCare (sucks, always a Problem can't update), Win. Millennium (Sucked, Always Crashed), Windows Vista Upgrade (Sucks, Always problems with it), X-Box 360 (Red Light issue), Why don't you just Pay everyone in the World their MONEY back & just go Backrupt. Since other companies can Make sure the product is working "Perfect" first before it get released. The customer should not be the one sending in product corrects for the Engineers who design it. This is called "LAZINESS." If you can't make it work, don't put it on the MARKET!!!!!! Everyone at Microsoft says they care and are here for you. I had trust in Microsoft but not anymore I have waited for time & time again promise that this new version will fix this. It never comes thru. I really do hope someday you'll CARE for once in your lives and make a product that will work. Till then "Close your doors and make no promises to your customers." Just walk away.

    Monday, February 18, 2008 10:08 PM

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  • OneCare has a 30 day refund policy in the US and I suspect that customer service can extend that if needed, but 6 months seems a bit long to finally decide to be asking for a refund, I think.

    Note that the problems with OneCare not updating the signatures have really dropped off. Yes, there were problems with the 2.0 upgrade, but updates have gone quite well for most. If you continue to have update problems, I recommend that you review this post:

    Information to help troubleshoot and resolve update problems -




    Tuesday, February 19, 2008 1:29 AM