Specific WordPress theme breaks Window Live Writer RRS feed

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  • Hi I have been using WLW for a long time, I love it.

    I ran across one specific theme that breaks WLW: it does not show up on the edit page and then crashes the application with a fatal exception. I wondered how this could be since it is uhm... just a theme?

    It is this theme: http://wordpress.org/extend/themes/smells-like-facebook

    Just try it. Note: WLW works with all themes I have encountered it is just this theme that somehow crashes the application. I have not found out why exactly.
    Sunday, February 21, 2010 3:06 PM

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  • I haven't tested Windows Live Writer with your theme, but I've found plenty that don't work with Windows Live Writer. I've presented this Brandon Turner [one of the developers ] and he understands how frustrating it is.

    But this won't stop people from using those themes.. and shouldn't...

    An option is to simply edit the default template for Windows Live Writer. It’s a very simple HTML file; very little to it and you can set the width of the blog very easily and based on that, when you create a NEW post, the text and images should WRAP very close to what you would see when the post is published.

    Default template is here:

    C:\Program Files\Windows Live\Writer\template

    Your looking for these two files:

    C:\Program Files\Windows Live\Writer\template\defaultstyle.css
    C:\Program Files\Windows Live\Writer\template\default.htm

    Edit the HTM- Where you see <BODY>, replace that with:

    <body style="width: 600px;">

    The width of the body can be anything you want.
    Customize this to be the way you want or best suits your blog.

    Just trying to help...

    L. Henry Jr.

    Sunday, February 21, 2010 4:09 PM
  • Thanks for reporting this, we'll take a look into what could be causing this error.
    Windows Live Writer Developer
    Tuesday, March 2, 2010 4:20 AM