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    Dell Dimension 2350, Intel Celeron Processor at 2.20GHz, 256MB DDR SDRAM, 60GB Ultra ATA/100 7200RPM Hard Drive
    Operating System:  Windows XP Home Edition
    I've had Live OneCare on my computer for a little over a year now.  My first copy of it expired around the beginning of October, while I was out of town.  So there was a break in service.   I purchased a new copy of Windows Live OneCare at Walmart sometime in mid-October and registered it.  Somewhere along the line I started receiving the following message.
    "Subscribe to stay protected.
    OneCare protection for this PC will end in 47 days.  To avoid any gaps in service, subscribe now."
    For some reason, Microsoft seems convinced I have a 90 day trial version of Windows Live OneCare.  I don't.  I have a legally purchased version only two months old and with 10 months left on it. 
    But thinking that maybe the registration didn't go thru, I went to the Live OneCare page and tried to RE-register it, but found I couldn't remember my original Live One ID or password.  So I got a new Live One ID and password and tried the registration process, only to get the following response.
     "The product key entered is already in use.  If you are installing OneCare on a 2nd or 3rd computer or you are reinstalling OneCare, you do not need to use your product key again. Instead, close this browser window, return to OneCare, and click Activate again. On the Sign in page, sign in with the Windows Live ID that you originally used to install OneCare.If you get this message more than once, report it as a recurring problem. Message 8059"
    The above message would seem to indicate that my original registration went thru.  Yet I keep receiving messages telling me:
    "Subscribe to stay protected.
    OneCare protection for this PC will end in 43 days.  To avoid any gaps in service, subscribe now."
    I've already tried the automated support specialist, but I can't seem to come up with the right question that he/she/it can understand.  So I've tried the "Get more help" link at the bottom right corner of that page, only to be run around in circles because my Product Key is already registered AND because I don't have the original Live One ID or password I registered it with.  Microsoft's response to my message about that was to send me the link to the support group of Windows Live One Care and a phone number for someone there.  Unfortunately, every time I click on that link I get "Page Not Found" and the phone number connects to a recording (I left a message24 hours ago and am still waiting on a response).
    And my suggestion that someone at Microsoft could just marry up my new Live One ID and password to my Product Key has fallen on deaf ears.  I've offered to provide the Certificate of Authentication number to prove I'm the one in possession of this software (who else but the legal owner of this software would have both the Product Key AND the Certificate of Authentication?), but once again, they refuse to respond, prefering to send me to this forum I'm on now.
    Can someone please help me?  And preferably quickly, because I've got Christmas shopping to do and a trip home for the holidays (no computers there, thank God), and when I get back I don't want to find that my Firewall has expired simply because Microsoft refuses to acknowledge that I DON'T have a trial version AND refuses to acknowlege that I DO have a legal copy of Live OneCare with 10 months left on it.
    PS:  I'd give the Product Key for my Live OneCare, except I'm not sure if this is a forum of Microsoft employees or a forum of Microsoft users (volunteers).  Which is it here?
    Friday, December 14, 2007 8:28 PM