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  • I was finally upgraded to WLOC 2 today and I have a few questions to ask about the Onecare Circle.


    1. I have two Notebooks with WLOC installed and running, one is XP and the other is Vista. I have made the Vista Notebook the Hub PC, is there any need to make the XP Notebook a Hub or can I run it as a separate entity?


    2. I only have one printer and it is connected to the Vista Notebook so is there any reason to use printer sharing?


    3. Last but not least, when the Vista Notebook was upgraded all the setting were left alone with the exception of the Tune-up. I completed a tune-up yesterday and I am not due one for another 4 weeks, however Onecare says that it wants me to do one next week. After the next tune-up will the program show that the next tune-up is due in 4 weeks and if it doesn't what should I do? I have to add that the setting for the tune-up is set for every 4 weeks in settings.


    One more thing, the installation was uneventful and WLOC is doing what it is supposed to do. Long may it continue. The reason for all these questions is the fact that I do not use the XP Notebook very much, actually I use it only when the other Notebook is in use and I need to do something on the spur of the moment. Thanks for any advise offered.  J.B.

    Thursday, January 10, 2008 3:58 PM


  • 1. You only need to have one PC designated a hub PC, usually the PC you prefer to manage your One Care Circle from.


    2. No, unless you want to print from the XP notebook.


    3. Tune up running outside of the set schedule after install or upgrade is not uncommon. After running the scheduled tune up next week it should stay on schedule.


    If you don't use your XP notebook very often it might be best to remove it from your One Care Circle. If the XP notebook does not communicate with the server for 5 consecutive days you will receive a warning on your hub computer that there has not been any communication with your XP notebook for 5 days.

    Thursday, January 10, 2008 4:15 PM