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  • Where are my "Answerer" Achievements?

    Since forums moved to the new recognition system on July 14th we have found a few issues with how the total number of answers are calculated. This calculation problem contributes to some users not being rewarded the Answerers levels of achievements.
    The two problems we plan to address in our Oct 27th deployment are:
    • Removed Answers aren't factored into the Answered counts, so users' current total number of answers may show as higher than they should.
    • The two variants of answers (fast answers or answers confirmed by asker) are not factoring into the overall answer counts. This impacts a user’s ability to get some of the Answerer achievements. If a user has answered most of the questions 'quickly' they will not see these in the overall Answer counts (as an example).
    We plan to address both of the above issues in our October 27th release. 
    Why aren't Answers Stats in my Profile?

    Next week on September 29th there will be an update to the profile application to show users "Experience", basic statistics of various points of contribution. Until October 27th the Forums statistics will only show points and replies. We did not want to unveil answers in this statistics page if the data is flat out wrong.
    One final note: None of these issues around answer activity resolution has any impact on user points, this impact is only around activity counts that go towards the achievement.
    Thanks for everyone's patience and the reports from users that helped us identify the problems. We appreciate the great help you provide to the community.

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