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  • I don't use automatic updates - I perform updates 'manually' via the WHS console.  I recently ran the update and since then, my client machines performed an update to the Connector software- it seemed to update fine - the Tray icon changed blue while updating and then went back to green.  Problem is, since the update, when I attempt to open the Console from a client, I enter the password and wait for the Console to load up, but then the Console window just goes to a blank, pale blue screen (same color as the default Windows Server desktop).  I can remote connect to the server and open the console within the remote connection on the Server desktop just fine.  After reviewing some other posts, I looked at the updates - I don't have anything listed as a "Update Rollup 2", but I do have 8 updates that were received/installed when I did my manual update:

    KB2419635,  KB2476687, KB2485376, KB2483185, KB2479628, KB2478971, KB2478960, KB2393802

    Looking at Add/Remove Programs, the version of Connector software running on the clients is 6.0.3436.0, which sounds like the latest.  The version of the Console that works within the remote connection is 6.0.2423.0.   Is there somewhere I can download just the current connector software to ensure my connector installation files did not get corrupted.  I see where I can download the connector CD image from Microsoft, but the date is 11/19/2009 and lists version 2423 - coincidentally the same as the console version, so now I am wondering if the console did not update properly and the old version is incompatible with the new Connector software...

    Note one event that occurred just prior to all this is I had a stick of memory go bad in my server - would not boot up until I replaced it with some older memory I had laying around.  Everything worked fine (although slower since there is temporarily only 512Mb mem in the server) after I put in the old memory, and after all was up and working again is when I did the update (from within the console on a client machine - so console was working fine after the memory crash and before the update).

    I would greatly appreciate any thoughts/help with this issue. Not sure if I should just uninstall the 8 updates or what - unfortunately there is not, apparently, a Restore feature on Server 2003.

    Tuesday, February 15, 2011 4:09 PM

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  • After several reboots and reloading the connector software, it began working - after I got it working on one client, I had to reinstall the connector software on the other clients to get them to work as well.  Different problem than what most were seeing with the Jan update, but it appears to have worked itself out.


    Tuesday, February 15, 2011 6:27 PM