Why does WHS keep sending backup notices instead of doing a backup RRS feed

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  • Why does WHS keep sending backup notices instead of doing a backup?
    Wednesday, August 4, 2010 11:26 PM

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  • What "backup notices" are you talking about? Are your home computers on during the backup window (by default midnight to 6:00 AM)? If they're in hibernation or standby, is the client configured to wake for backups (right click the system tray icon)?
    I'm not on the WHS team, I just post a lot. :)
    Thursday, August 5, 2010 2:50 AM
  • Backup Notice:  "computer X" has not been backed up  ... no backup in X days."

    The network is a "work" network, and no other measures have been taken to block invasive media searching and security risky behavior of Windows 7. All recommended settings and software has been installed along with all Windows Updates. The system is set up as a nework lab to test hardware and software compatiblity.

    The back up window is 23 hours long.  There are currently 7 computers, all are recent clean installs of windows 7,  2 computers are 64-bit.  3 computers have new Intel motherboards because windows 7 Upgrade Advisor indicated the original boards were compatible, but Event Viewer reported that HAL Event ID 12 required a BIOS update and Intel Support verified that the motherboard (DP35DP) BIOS would not be updated to support Windows 7, so motherboards were replaced.

    Two of the computers are running production systems and crash when Intel audio drivers are installed, but appear to be stable with Windows7 driver.  Systems were set to sleep, but they continually sleep and wake up, which causes the speaker systems to pop, which may damage speaker cones.   Those systems have been set to only turn off the display.

    Another issue is that if the Win7 computer sharing the printer is sleeping, it does not wakeup to print.  It has also been set to not sleep, but turn off the monitor.

    The computers are frequently turned off for 12 to 24 hours, but when they are on, they are in the backup window.  They are all set to wakeup for backups.  When first set up they all start making backups and will operate for long stretches of time, but some event causes them to stop.  Normally, I turn off backups and then turn on backups if a computer stops and they will make a backup almost immediately and again work correctly for some time.  As a matter of principle, I should not have to do a manual backup and if the system can continuously send me messages telling me to turn on the system, why can't it just do a backup?

    I also get a continual stream of "not genuine windows software" notices.  All Microsoft software has been purchased directly from Microsoft and activated on a clean install.  All computers have OEM Windows 7 certified components, and no overclocking.  I am trying to deterime the most reliable and stable system in each case.

    There are a number of other issues with Windows 7, but I think I've provided all WHS relevant issues.

    WHS is running on an Intel desktop (DG33BU) motherboard, which is not a server motherboard. As you probably know it only takes adding one line to make this work and others have also done it (http://dascomputerconsultants.com/Server2003OnIntel.htm ).  If this is a possible issue, I'm open to suggestions as to how to find a relaible server motherboard that is reasonably priced (less than $200).  I don't know the current status, but at one time WHS was to utilize "that old computer that would have been recycled".

    I hope the beta test on the next releases are considering these issues.


    Thursday, August 5, 2010 5:46 AM