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  • The company i work for has a number of mssql servers (2005), which they now use only for mission critical stuff. We would like to use them for reporting as well. However, noone at work knows anything about the reporting tools or about mssql development in general. I am a java programmer, and i am confident that learning to work with the different ms libraries, frameworks etc will not be a big problem.

    But, i have no idea where to start when in comes to development environment. Which tools do i use, how do i get and install them? Can i install them on any machine or do i need some kind of virtual machine. Its unclear if i should use some kind of client, or login directly to the server or if i should install a development tool locally and deploy my finished projects to the server somehow (using magic?).

    I'm not saying that java does not have a learning curve, however once you install eclipse you can start coding. Is there someplace on the msdn pages away from all the sales-pitches, stock-photos, hot-air, licensing stuff (we already dished out the money), and endless circular links, where actual information can be found?

    Thursday, October 7, 2010 8:36 AM