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    I am quite upset about the cumbersome procedure I'm having to follow to resolve my issues regarding MS Windows OneCare. This was part of a package that I bought from Circuit City this past Dec. (around the 2nd week), called MS Equipt (incl. MS Office, LiveChat, etc.), and here are two examples of things that I'm finding nearly impossible to do on an ongoing basis:

    1. Backing up files; how do I change the default location to an internal hard drive within my PC (labtop)? (So far, this is the only computer in the network. I intend to put other computers in the network, once I understand this much, much better than I do now!)

    [I FOLLOWED THE STEPS GIVEN ON THE 'HELP' SITE TO TRY TO ACCESS THE LINK FOR CHANGING THE LOCATION TO AN INTERNAL DRIVE, BUT WAS UNABLE TO DO IT... I HAD TO USE TWO BLANK CD'S (EACH 650 MB) TO BACKUP AND CONFIGURE THE FILES, YET THE ENTIRE THING WAS NOT BACKED UP, AND, AS A RESULT, THE STATUS OF MY WINDOWS ONECARE STILL SHOWS 'FAIR' WHEN I'M TRYING TO MAKE IT 'GOOD', BUT IT'S NOT HAPPENING. WHY??? I SPENT APPROX. FOUR HOURS IN MY VERY BUSY SCHEDULE!!!] (I got the msg. to take action approx. a week ago, and just today I tried what I said above. As an issue like is not of absolute urgent nature, given that the status showed 'FAIR', I am one of the kind who likes to not let a problem exacerbate itself.)

    2. I don't know how on earth to permanently change settings to not have to always clean bugs out of the system!

    As I paid $69.95 per year for the first of the two years before getting this MS Equipt after the first two years, I deserve a system that is easy to use! Please help me! THANKS.

    I don't mean to sound angry, because I'm not. I'm just confused and sort of getting irritated. I saw some similar complaints from the recent past and, needless to say, am a little disappointed with the customers' negative feedback.

    Dave Chandra
    Wednesday, February 11, 2009 3:01 AM


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